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Friday for Freedom


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Being inspired from friday for future, we have started a regular action. Every friday we hold small assemblies in different places to show our concern on freedom and democracies, especially for the situation in Hong Kong.

Past Events


Frankfurt (am Main), Berlin

Rally: Global Day of Action


We and other organizations held rallies in Berlin and Frankfurt, respectively. We gratefully thank all the MPs and leaders of human rights organizations working for Hong Kong, and thank you for enduring the rain to attend the rally in Frankfurt!



Rally: Protest against EU-China Conference


On that day, there was a video conference between the leaders of the European countries and Xi Jinping, the President of the People’s Republic of China. We then met with some of the blackmailed Tibetans, Uighurs, Mongols and human rights organizations in front of the Chancellery and expressed our demand that the EU should prioritize its core values and not sacrifice human rights in order to trade with China. MPs like Margarete Bause and Gyde Jensen were with us and each gave a speech to support us.



Rally: Protest against the visit of Wang Yi


As the Chinese Foreign Minister Wang Yi visited Berlin on that day, our association already published a statement calling on Federal Foreign Minister Heiko Maas to address human rights issues with Wang Yi, including Hong Kong, the Uyghur and Tibetan minorities and the Christians. We were honored to be able to attend the gathering organized by the Society for Threatened Peoples in Berlin and were represented by Ms. Amy Siu, who read our statement.
Our statement emphasizes that Germany, as a country that values ​​freedom and democracy, should make its position clear, insist on respect for human rights and not be subject to an authoritarian state, because all countries should not let any regime stand above the law.



Photo Gallery: … Ex’d… 


… Ex’d … is a media art exhibition that documents the most critical movements in Hong Kong history, from the umbrella movement in 2014 to the bill to amend the extradition law in 2019. It was organized by Waldern-Kunstausstellungen and our e.V.. 

At the closing ceremony, a representative of our e.V. delivered a speech and many Hong Kongers have come and supported us.


Frankfurt (am Main)

Rally: Solidarity with Hong Kong

On May 29th at 11 am the FDP made a motion in the Bundestag with the title “Condemn the Security Act for Hong Kong”.

At the same time, we and the Internationaler Gesellschaft für Menschenrechte (IGFM) organized a rally against the new National Security Act in Hong Kong. A board member of the IGFM Mr. Hubert Körper and a board member of the Asia Vision Foundation Mr. Man-Yan Ng also came by.  The CDU MEP Mr. Michael Gahler was unfortunately unable to be present, but he wrote a letter that was read out by Mr. Körper to support us.  Even though it was Friday, a lot of Hong Kong people stopped by too. Besides singing songs and chanting slogans, we read the open letter to the German government. We also took collage photos with participants to support democracy in Hong Kong.



Forum: The situation in Hong Kong & the persecution of Chinese Christians


In Hong Kong, a large part of the population stands up against the attempts of the Chinese government to limit freedoms in the city.

We were invited to attend the forum, Die Lage in Hongkong & die Verfolgung Chinesischer Christ*innen, has provided an effective platform for us to deliver the messages of what is happening in Hong Kong to Germany.
The attendees, who are mainly Germans, have shown their high concerns for the situation in Hong Kong. In and after the forum, they have actively asked questions and discussed with us and the speakers. We have not only discussed about the human right issues, but also the lackage of face masks there. It was such an honour for us to be invited and get so many supports from them. We hereby also want to take the opportunity to show our appreciation again to Mr. Wong Yik Mo, one of the speakers, for speaking up for Hong Kong.



Rally: Solidarity with persecuted groups in China

Since the Universal Declaration of Human Rights was published 71 years ago, human rights have become a universal value. But the human rights situation under the rule of the Chinese Communist Party has never improved, in fact it has steadily deteriorated.
We were invited to the event, Solidarität mit verfolgten Gruppen in China (Solidarity with persecuted groups in China), in Stuttgart for the very first time.
On this important festive day of China, Chinese New Year, we have talked with a lot of people, not only Germans and Hongkongers, but also some Chinese, Indians, etc. Most of them came by to express their concerns on the situation of Hong Kong. They have also shown their supports to Hongkongers.