Ongoing Projects

Charity sale of homemade soaps


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Cultural exchange


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We also try to do a lot culturally. We are very active in social media and have numerous postings and videos about cultural events such as Rose Monday, Dragon Boat Festival, Moon Festival.

Closed Projects

02.2020 – 05.2020

Face Masks


During the Covid-19 pandemic, we made various homemade face masks and donated them to various schools and charities:

1. Germany: Anne-Frank-Grundschule (Furtwangen) 50 pcs
2. Germany: Otto-Hahn-Gymnasium mit Realschule (Furtwangen) 220 pcs
3. Germany: Regenbogen Kindergarten (Furtwangen) 25 pcs
4. Germany: : Behindertenhilfe der Diakonie Bruderhaus (Vöhrenbach Hahmmerreisenbach) 230 pcs
5. Britain: Voices in Exile (Brighton) 140pcs
6. Britain: The Princes Lodge (Harefield) 100 pcs
7. Britain: Home for homeless (Recief) 230pcs

We also made a few giveaways of the masks:

Furtwangen X3 (7,9,25 May), Frankfurt X1 (29 May)


06.2020 – 11.2020


Videos: Hongkonger Memorial Days


A year after the extradition law movement, we edited a series of videos that recorded the special days of the movement.

02.2020 – 05.2020



As native Hong Kong people who speak Cantonese as their mother tongue, we have a responsibility to cultivate Cantonese and to pass this language and the culture of Hong Kong on to interested people around us.