Can I join the Hongkonger in Deutschland e.V.?

You can join if you are:

  • A Hong Kong ID card holder residing in Germany, or
  • A German citizen who is the child of Hong Kong resident(s), or
  • A non-Hong Kong resident who affirms our mission stated in the Statute



How much is the membership fee? What will it be used for?

The annual membership fee is 60 Euros and 50 Euros for students member for one calendar year regardless of the time of application. Subsequent renewals will be charged in January.

The fees collected will be spent on projects, events, and activities that support our mission, and to cover our operational costs.


How do I join the Hongkonger in Deutschland e.V.?

1.Please fill in the online application form.


2. For identity verification purposes, all fields in the form are mandatory. We reserve the right to ask for your identification documents where necessary. You will receive an email notification from us once a decision regarding your application has been made.


3. You can then make a direct deposit of the membership fee to our bank account:

DE06 6645 0050 0004 9583 04

Please do so within 15 days of the notification, and write your name and “e.V. membership fee” as remarks for the transfer.

After making a payment, please send your proof of payment (e.g., a picture of the receipt or deposit slip of your bank transfer) to


4. Upon receipt of the payment, we will send you another email to confirm it along with membership information, so please be sure to check your emails.




Membership benefits: details